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Jaipuria Advanced Technologies Inc of India, and BioCRUDE Technologies Inc, a Canadian company specializing in waste to energy technology, announce the formation of a new division dedicated to Waste Reformation and Energy Procurement for the purpose of pursuing contracts in India.

In many areas of the country, waste management and energy shortages are a serious problem. With Jaipuria’s construction and large project experience, and with the use of the intellectual property supplied by BioCRUDE in terms of waste management and production of renewable energy, this new division for both companies promises to be a force in green energy technology in India.

They are already heavily active in this field, with current submissions out for Waste to Energy plants in Okhla and Timpura, and Indore (treatment of municipal waste), and are in final negotiations with Pepsi Co India to build a plant model. This is a very important step for the
company, one that will help establish a solid presence for them in the Waste to Energy sector, and demonstrate the effectiveness of their technologies and processes. Pepsi’s participation and financial support are a solid endorsement for the success of this new business amalgamation.

Most of India is in dire need of solutions for their waste and energy issues. In Northern India power outages are a chronic problem, and the energy grids are intensely carbon dependant. As well, municipalities all over the country are suffering from inadequate waste disposal techniques. As the cities grow at a rapid rate, these problems are reaching virtually toxic levels. While stability of energy sources is vital to industrial and commercial enterprises, control of disease, soil and water contamination, and cleanliness of the surrounding atmosphere are crucial to the population in general.

BioCRUDE Technologies has developed methods of waste treatment that solve these major problems. Organic waste of all kinds can be converted to usable and economically valuable products, in specific renewable energy and high quality fertilizer. While there have been processes available for a number of years that can generate one or the other of these by products, the BioCRUDE systems can produce both. In addition, their exclusive enzymes have reduced the process time dramatically, increasing yield and decreasing the amount of time needed to achieve serious waste stock reduction.

If you would like more information on this new division and what it can offer your industry or municipality, please contact Madhu Sethi, CEO of the Jaipuria Advanced Technologies or John Moukas, Director-CFO of BioCrude Technologies, Inc." .
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